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Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month



Did you know that May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month? All throughout the month, you may see advertisements on the road, social media, and more on the importance of riding by the rules to ensure the safety of you and the others around you on the road. The statistics show how there is still a pressing problem on roads across the nation including California.


According to the California Highway Patrol, 476 motorcyclists were killed in traffic collisions and more than 14,000 others were injured in 2016. Crashes were most likely to occur between 4 and 8 in the late afternoon and early evening. The agency hopes that greater public awareness through campaigns like Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month will improve these statistics. In addition to that, the California Highway Patrol will be overseeing a refresher course to give beginners and advanced riders an opportunity to fine tune their skills so they are safer on the road. The goal of the program is to match riders with instructors who can teach them better safety in various situations on the road.


Tips for Riding a Motorcycle Safer


If you want to learn more about safety in general, we encourage you to visit eTags’ blog where you can find in-depth information on vehicle safety. However, here are a few of the main points to keep in mind for motorcyclists on the road:


  • Wear the Right Safety Equipment: This will certainly include a helmet but also things like gloves and a protective jacket. Remember also that certain types of clothing are better for riding like long jeans.
  • Maintain Your Bike: Ensure that it is routinely maintained so it is safe to ride on the road from the engine, to the brakes, to the tires.
  • Be visible: Many crashes occur when a motorcycle gets in the vehicle’s blind spot. While it also the responsibility of other drivers to check their bling spots, avoiding any aggressive behavior, such as speeding, that will cause you to be unseen by other vehicles on the road is a smart decision.